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Tell your friend about Obama-Weather. You can make a donation to help us with inspiration for drawing new personalities and implement some new cool features.

How does it work?

Our site gets a detailed weather report, analyses a relation of temperature, humidity, strength of wind and some other characteristics and, finally visualizes the most comfortable set of clothes to wear this day.

Why do you need it?

You don't have to check your thermometer anytime you go out in order to decide what clothes to wear. No more 'let's look out of the window to see what people wear today' or go out to the balcony to feel if the clothes you've chosen is ok not to get freezed or hot. All you need is to check what Obama or his friends wear.

Moreover, can become your major adviser while planning a business trip or a vacation journey. You'll always know for sure what type of clothes you should take with you.

We also have a special night indicator — just put cursor over it to see whether you'll need all that heap of clothes or a t-shirt with shorts will be just ok.

Zen. What's that?

That is the most laconic weather report in the world. Our system recognizes your city. And then clearly defines the weather for you - either it is bad or good. Or may be perfect? It's easy to check!

I would like to see new faces! I would like to see a new option! Some new information!

Yeah, we are working on it. Just let us know about you suggestions. Our e-mail, and also you can follow us on twitter @ObamaWeather and Facebook.

And remember: What's the weather, what to wear? Obama helps you everywhere!

A week ago I was about to go out, but then I suddenly made my mind to check I realized that I should put jeans instead of shorts on. How happy I was thereafter! My friend hadn't taken any trousers with him and got frozen (his left testicle was frost-bitten and they had to cut it off). Thanks a lot to Obama!

Arthur Clark, 28 years old, a baseball player from Kentucky

It was a sunny autumn morning. I swallowed my coffee and consulted Obama. 'A coat and a hat', he showed. 'That's nonsense' I thought, but followed the advice. Within an hour the weather changed drastically, the sun hid behind the heavy clouds and a hail began. I felt warm though. I reached the hospital being in a cheerful mood. During my duty I met three patients with frost-bitten ears. I had to amputate one of them — that's how strong the frosts were that day. In appreciation of your help I am attaching that memorable ear.

Peter Hronski, 45 years old, a surgeon from Alabama

Guys, you're the best! Six months ago I was planning a double blind date — my friend Elly, me and two strangers, whom I met on the Web. It was pretty dull and gloomy — spring was just beginning — I decided to put a strict high-necked dress on, but your site recommended a light d'collet' blouse. After some doubts, I ran a risk. And a miracle happened! A slender blond guy — a young dentist — kept looking at my breast whole date long! And my friend got the other stranger, who turned to be a dump. Guys, I am so happy — I am marrying in a week!

Gina Pork, 27 years old, a hairdresser from Chicago

These ↑ reports were jokes of course, but the real story about our site was shown on CNN:

— But this website could mean big things for the weather community. All the cloud-coverage maps, humidity levels and wind chill factors in the world are nothing compared to paper doll Obama. Just look at the power and influence he's wielding over weather in the image above. Think, the world's been wasting 15-minutes of every news hour on reporting the weather when all we really need to see is Obama walk out in a Hawaiian shirt.

Chris Lesinski,

— Now you can get up-to-the-minute weather and weather-appropriate-clothing tips from Obama Weather. I especially like it when he recommends wearing an Obama tee-shirt with mom jeans.

Benjamin Sutton, The L Magazine

— The House weather forecast for my area. Sometimes I want to kiss the internet on the mouth.

Jelisa Castordale,

— So far, the White House hasn't attempted to block Obama-Weather from operating. Requests for comment from the White House were not answered by press time.

Jeremy Greenfield, The Wall Street Journal

— An interesting use of the weather data feed that® makes available.

Michael Samonte, a spokesperson for®

— Despite its name, Obama Weather also lets you choose among three seemingly random alternate public figures to play dress up with, including House (always grim, always with cane), Angelina Jolie (unsmiling, buxom), and Futurama's Bender, who's either rocking a fur coat (for cold days) or nothing at all — thus revealing that robots are simply nudists from the future.

Steve Bryant, NBC Chicago

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